What are the working principles of high speed washer?


Main working principle of high speed washer

The equipment is composed of chest roll, volt roll, filter screen, pulping system, pulping system, drainage system, spray system, transmission system, rack, hood, etc. The chest roller is a rubber groove roller, which can effectively prevent the web roller from splashing due to high speed running. The bent roll is a rubber flat roll, supplementing the uneven extrusion of the slurry produced by the grooved roll; after washing the slurry is stripped to the discharge screw by a scraper on the bent roll; the filter mesh is a polyester mesh with guide strips on both sides to prevent the mesh from deviating; the function of the hood is to collect the dehydrated water and prevent the water from splashing and affecting the working environment.

The main characteristics of the high efficiency of impurity removal are: the material layer between the polyester mesh and the roller is very thin, the impurity removal stroke in the pulp is short, the pulp removal process is little hindered by the pulp layer, coupled with the role of centrifugal force generated by high-speed operation, so that fillers, ink particles and other small impurities are easy to be removed, after washing pulp ash removal rate. More than 99%.

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